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Boston Marathon's New Logo Gallops into Controversy

Published on July 3 by Anna

The Boston Marathon's iconic unicorn mascot, Spike, has received a makeover, and runners aren't exactly cheering. While the changes seem minor – Spike now faces forward and boasts a more defined jawline – the update has sparked a surprising amount of backlash.

For over a century, Spike, the emblem of the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.), proudly faced left. However, the recent logo refresh flipped him rightward, symbolizing, according to the B.A.A., a "forward-looking" approach. This, coupled with a more muscular jaw and a fiercer gaze, has left some runners scratching their heads.

A recent poll revealed that a majority of readers disliked the new logo. The B.A.A.'s attempt to modernize Spike seems to have alienated a portion of their core audience – the very runners who have built the marathon's legacy.

The update also coincides with a prominent placement of Bank of America's sponsorship. While the financial backing is crucial for the event's future, some see the logo's commercialization as a turn-off.

The B.A.A. walks a tightrope between maintaining tradition and securing funding for the future. This logo redesign serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between innovation and respecting a passionate community.