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Don't Get Stuck on 20: There's Flexibility in Long Runs

Published on June 28 by Anna

Here's a tip for long-distance runners: the magic number for your long run isn't set in stone. You'll often see 20 miles as the peak distance in training programs, but that's more due to convenience than an absolute rule.

Think about it: 20 miles is a nice round number, easy to plan for and track. But guess what? 30 kilometers (which is about 18.6 miles) is also a round, convenient distance used by many runners.

The key to long runs is finding a distance that challenges you but allows for proper recovery. Here's the takeaway: don't be afraid to adjust your long run distance based on your training plan, goals, and experience. Listen to your body and choose a distance that will push you to improve while keeping you healthy enough to tackle future workouts.