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Smash Your Goals: Top Marathon Workouts for Speed

Published on June 19 by Anna

Hitting a new personal best in your next marathon? Run coaches agree these key workouts will build your endurance and hone your race pace for a faster finish.

  • Cruise Intervals: Build stamina with these comfortably hard efforts. Run repeats like 1000 meters at a pace between 10K and 15K speed, with jogs for recovery in between. Start slower and progress to a faster pace as you get stronger.
  • Tempo Runs: These sustained efforts at marathon pace build your lactate threshold, the point where fatigue ramps up. Try running two miles at goal race pace with recovery jogs in between.
  • Progression Runs: Ease into speed with this workout. Run multiple sets of intervals, gradually increasing the pace with each set. This teaches your body to handle faster speeds as the race unfolds.
  • Long Runs with Pace Variations: Long runs are essential for marathon training, but they can be even better with built-in speedwork. Try incorporating surges or faster sections within your long run to build strength and race confidence.

Remember, these are just a few examples. Consult a coach for a personalized plan that considers your experience and goals. But with these core workouts in your training, you'll be well on your way to a faster marathon!