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A Journey of Self-Discovery: NSYNC Star Decides Running Isn't His Thing, and That's Okay

Published on June 6 by Anna

NSYNC singer Joey Fatone may be known for belting out tunes, but he's also a former marathon enthusiast. However, according to a recent Runner's World article [article about joey fatone quitting marathons], Fatone has decided to ditch the long-distance runs.

The reason? It simply doesn't spark the same joy as it used to. Fatone reportedly ran marathons for several years, but it seems the thrill of the challenge has faded.

The important takeaway here is that it's totally okay to move on from activities that don't bring you fulfillment anymore. Even for celebrities like Fatone, finding the right fitness routine is a personal journey.

Who knows, maybe Joey will discover a new passion, one that keeps him moving and grooving!