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Debunking Carb Myths and Optimal Intake

Published on April 25 by Anna

@runspace_cat As a PT who specialises in endurance athletes, I’m often the envy of my peers as my clients don’t tend to demonise carbohydrates as much as others. Runners love carbs! But do you actually need as many as you think? Nutrition coaching enquiries welcome - drop me a line for details. #run #running #nutrition #athlete #carbs #carbohydrates #5km #10km #halfmarathon #marathon ♬ original sound - runspace_cat

Endurance athletes, especially runners, often rely on carbohydrates for energy. But is carb-loading always necessary? While carbs are vital for fueling long workouts, the idea that more is always better can be misleading.

Endurance athletes should focus on quality carbs like whole grains and fruits, timing their intake around workouts for optimal performance and recovery. Rather than indiscriminately loading up on carbs, finding the right balance tailored to individual needs is key.

Working with a nutritionist can help athletes develop a personalized eating plan that supports training goals without unnecessary excess. By prioritizing quality over quantity, athletes can optimize their carb intake and fuel their performance effectively.