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Quick and Effective: Your 5-Minute Pre-Warm Routine

Published on April 24 by Anna

@joshh_fit YOUR NEXT 5 MINUTE PRE-WARM ROUTINE! These drills and warm-ups help you activate your muscles, raise your heart rate, and improve coordination. ⚡️ WARM-UP/DRILLS • Legs Swings to Reach • Calf Raises • Open to Close Gate • Walking Hams Sweeps to Toe Reach • Walking Knee Hugs • In & Out Squats • Lunge Drop • High Knees • B Skips • Ethiopian Drills Do this for 1 round of 10-12 reps each and you're ready to go! @Rockwell Run Club @A1 Protein @EL Tri Team #warmupdrills #running #plyo #beforerunning🏃‍♀️ #rockwellrunclub #fitness #igreels #befitwithjoshfit ♬ original sound - Josh Bailey

Prepare for your workout with this 5-minute pre-warm routine. Start with dynamic stretches like arm swings and leg swings to get your muscles moving. Then, do bodyweight squats and push-ups to activate your lower and upper body. Engage your core with plank variations, and finish with light cardio like jogging in place. In just 5 minutes, you'll be ready for a safe and effective workout!