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Cal Calamia: Running for Visibility and Inclusion with the Non-Binary+ Run Club

Published on February 23 by Anna

Cal Calamia is more than just a runner. They are a transmasculine poet, educator, activist, and the founder of the Non-Binary+ Run Club (nbrc), a groundbreaking initiative creating a safe and inclusive space for non-binary and transgender runners.

Running Beyond the Finish Line:

Calamia's running journey began at a young age, fueled by a love for the sport and a desire to push their limits. But their experience wasn't always smooth. As a non-binary athlete, they faced challenges navigating traditional gendered categories and a lack of representation in the running community. This ignited a passion to advocate for inclusivity and visibility for non-binary runners.

Making History, Mile by Mile:

In 2022, Calamia made history as the first non-binary winner of both the Bay to Breakers and San Francisco Marathon, defying traditional classifications and showcasing their talent on the world stage. These victories were more than just personal achievements; they were powerful statements for inclusivity, inspiring countless non-binary runners to pursue their athletic dreams.

Founding the Non-Binary+ Run Club:

Building on this momentum, Calamia established the Non-Binary+ Run Club in October 2022. This community-driven initiative offers regular running sessions, workshops, and events specifically designed for non-binary and transgender runners. nbrc provides a safe space for training, camaraderie, and celebrating the joy of running without facing barriers based on gender identity.

Beyond the Club: A Champion for Change:

Calamia's activism extends beyond nbrc. They actively campaign for inclusivity in races, advocating for the adoption of non-binary categories and raising awareness about the challenges faced by transgender and non-binary athletes. Their work has been featured in major media outlets, further amplifying their message and driving positive change within the running community.

More Than Just Running:

Calamia's story is more than just about running; it's about breaking down barriers, creating space for diverse voices, and inspiring others to be their authentic selves. They are a powerful example of how one person's passion and dedication can lead to meaningful change, making the running world a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all.